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JULY 28 - AUGUST 04, 2015

The New Triviality and Gender Focused Insanity….

Chinese ‘feminists’ show off armpit hair in photo contest
Hair raising experience supposed to raise awareness

By Avner Benyamin

JULY 28, 2015

Shaved female skin was slowly made available for viewing.
A bearded man is hard to overlook and easy to pass over when it comes time for promotions.
Bearded lady Harnaam Kaur
Don’t tell her that hairy arm pits aren’t the pits
This scanty bathing suit adorns the 1940’s body of pin up girl Betty Grable. And don’t tell us the word girl is politically incorrect, because that’s what she called herself. And besides that we are bored with your immaturity.
Finally a mustachioed man that really looks good.
Man improves his chance of employment by simple technique.
The cro magnum woman never thought about being forced by stereotype to shave because she didn’t.
A Neanderthal couple enjoy the beach with the kind of gender equality of hairy freedom that only the Chinese female armpit contestants can dream of.
There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that Hillary Clinton wants to ban beards – as long as women can wear them.
Sophia Loren’s underarms.
One of the contestants in the lovely armpit hair contest.
Founder of the arm pit contest the ever weak and whining Xiao Meili.
No US president has had a beard in more than 100 years.


It seems that out of some 500 million Chinese women, about 40 gals participated in a show-the-world-your-armpit-hair photo contest which attracted media attention.

From the UK Daily Mail to Singapore’s Strait Times to the New York Times to Fox News and CNN, which dubbed it part of “the fight against gender inequality and domestic violence” although it is not quite clear what the relationship between armpit hair and domestic violence is in the CNN story, this story of armpit hair and the photos of the contestants has been repeatedly told.

A so-called “feminist”, Xiao Meili, 25, started the contest on the Chinese social network Weibo, a site comparable to Twitter.

While there is no law in China requiring women to shave their armpits, Xiao told CNN that women are “forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes."

"Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair," Xiao told CNN in a plea for arm pit pity.

More than three dozen women sent in pictures of themselves with arms raised, revealing various amounts of arm pit hair from scanty to the copious.

Many were published by the mainstream media intent on covering a story with social import but nevertheless making certain to include pictures of what will be a takeaway moment for many readers as the opportunity to publish photos of nice looking, young, Oriental chicks with hairy armpits.

Implicit in this is the smug realization that these hormone driven Neanderthals missed the deeper sensitive truth about the injustice gentlewomen face everywhere, at all times, at the hands of their oppressors – their fathers, husbands, brothers, sons and every male person ever born who never had to shave his armpit hair since Adam delved and Eve span.

In the Chinese armpit hair contest six winners were selected based on the number of likes and reposts their pictures got on Weibo.

“We didn’t choose them based on whether they were very hairy or very un-hairy,” Xiao told The New York Times. “Just the votes.”

In a move that links arm pit hair with promiscuity, masturbatory sex and the goal of gender similarity however improbable, prizes for the winners included condoms, vibrators and a pedestal urinal that a woman can use while standing – and can therefore be – the implication is - as a good as a man – while urinating.

While few in the media speak out about China - owner of the largest slave plantation in the world – now numbering more than one billion   – and how neither men nor women have any of the historical freedom rights cherished by people of good will the world over – arm pit hair is an attractive alternative for news coverage of darkest China.

The one-child policy, the political and legal status of Tibet, the massive pollution that makes a billion people live in an industrial smoggy haze, the lack of  freedom of the press, the lack of legal recognition of human rights, the ceaseless spying on citizen slaves, the lack of an independent judiciary, the absence of the rule of law, of due process, the lack of worker's rights, the restrictions on freedom of movement for some, the actively sanctioned discrimination against rural workers and minorities, the lack of religious freedom (men with long beards i.e. Muslims are banned from busses);  the practice of forced abortions on mothers who become pregnant with an unapproved second child  -- these are issues that might create a constant daily topic of pressurized focus for the mainstream free press.

And provoke a nationwide American boycott of Chinese products.

And provoke the US government to stop borrowing from China (more than one trillion) to fund our welfare state while the people of China suffer from the blessings of freedoms they have never known.

That the slave workers in China fund our laziness should be a source of shame.

But it is not.

Armpit hair has our attention.

But even that the media gets wrong.

The practice of shaving arm pits was adopted in China in the 1990’s in an attempt apparently to ape the American female.

But the ability to choose to shave armpit hair was a liberating moment.

It is now seen by some quirky pseudo feminists as a repression of freedom.

"Gender discrimination exists wherever there are people," Xiao cries piteously, as she poses with arm pits bulging with a fresh new crop of hair. "Something needs to be done. We want our voices heard."

As for American women, they started having their voices heard as they shaved their arm pits around 1915 with the introduction of the sleeveless dress.

Indeed they shaved before they voted.

Pitting (in a manner of speaking) the shaven and sleeveless against the bushy but hidden armpits in the ever constant intra-female battle for the seduction and ultimate mating with men –  the femme fatales chose to shave and reveal.

Conversely the puritans hid their armpit hair to show their virtue.

By the 1920’s,, the puritans were lagging behind as gentle womenfolk revealed more skin and in so doing removed more body hair.

But the virginal type never disappeared.

It was only surpassed numerically with the hybrid.

In search of classical standards of the nude, feminine beauty (luxurious hair on the top and sides of the head, scanty eyebrows, long erect eyelashes and hairless below) these aesthetics might be subliminally associated with the ancient custom of shaving body hair for hygienic reasons in the absence of clean running water, and the evolutionary rise from hairy chimp to the fur-less upright homo sapiens.

In the 20th century, it was women who promoted shaving their arm pits then legs.

Displacing virginal purity as the penultimate masculine ideal of female beauty, the female driven ideal is that of the damsel alternating with non-servile monogamy and, abetted by the rise of unilaterally adopted birth control, before and after impregnation, what men at one time seeking certitude of paternity has called the wench. 

In America, the female chose to entice men to look at their hemline boundaries of skin and cloth.

As cloth receded, women welcomed men to view their well-turned, naked ankles, then bare naked calves– shaped by heels lifted higher than toes donned to disguise their shortness.

Next came the view of knees that showed no weakness – until the time was right.

And as the decades passed the hemlines rose; the eye naturally attracted to the line of demarcation between cloth and skin.

Leading the male mind upwards, in imagination, higher - along gentle thighs – hemlines hiking upwards invite furtive looks beyond the hemline and for those femmes in certain bathing costumes the full hips, the near full buttocks and a micro inch of fabric in the front with bodies delicately shaved of all hair down to the last strands of public the woman has gone back to the primal – but without the hair - as if within the time of myths and goddesses.

Rightly or wrongly, in the wide scale abandonment of purity, women chose to deftly arouse the creation of a route for women and men in centuries-long thralldom of bedroom boredom to escape their mundanity and in so doing for woman to be delightedly enjoyed like ripened fruit - wearing white gloves and naked arms.

And hairless armpits are revealed when arms are thrown up in surrender.

Indeed not until the man catches sight of her blazing eyes does he blush and realize she was the huntress.

Only the feeble few could twist this feminine freedom to be wanton or virginal into some kind of servitude.  

There appears to be no similar coterie of men whining about the fact that in China (and America) most men are “forced” to shave their faces if they want to attract their own ideas of the best kind of women. 

Being unshaven in China stereotypes men as being of the lower working class - who are thought not to have time to shave - and thus lowers the status of the wearer.

Beards and moustaches in American settings, particularly of those of wealth and power, are not looked upon as favorably as the clean shaven.

Indeed affluence and power left the hirsute man in the 19th century about the time when women had hairy legs and armpits and were covered from head to toe.

The last bearded president was Benjamin Harrison who left the White House in 1893.

The last president with facial hair was William Howard Taft (1909–1913), who wore a mustache in the White House more than a century ago. 

Since women got voting rights in 1920, no presidential candidate dared to have a whisker on his face.

But we do not hear men whine that they are forced by women to regress to the hairless face of the boy.

No men seem to complain about their shaving which in the end is done primarily to please the women.







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