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JAN 20 - JAN 28, 2015

Poetry Corner

Another Poem From The Swamp
by Guy A. Bax

January 20, 2015

A Work Of Satirical
Nonsense (what say you)

The mayor and the planner
did speak of many things
consultants, stipends, trains and such
casino money brings

The best and brightest for example
prima donna owens
the garbage queen and refuse witch
her 'comins' and her goins'

An esoteric mystery
that really doesn't matter
she isn't missed we're better off
(she's madder than a hatter)

Past engineer his name Ali
though not one damn credential
because the Emperor decreed
he had the best potential

With our casino dollars
mayor paulie found solutions
securing work for Foit - Albert
ensures more contributions

And actually it's legal folks
alas I somehow feel
our burgermeister knows quite well
there's many ways to steal

Though Master Tom still writes his plans
(most cause the city fits)
his ego and his narcissism
far outweigh his wits

Oh Emperor no clothes have you
upon your naked back
except that wrinkled polyester
from the goodwill rack

Your bobbing and your weaving
begins when ere' you talk
(that quintessential convoluted rhetoric you squawk)

A large fish in a pond so small
you play the part so well
but after two terms mayor
all fish begin to smell

-Guy A. Bax






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