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AUGUST 03 - AUGUST 11, 2015

It’s a Mystery How the Dyster Administration Gets Away With it Riddle us This, Mayor Dyster

By Anna Howard

AUGUST 03, 2015

Mayor Paul Dyster poses with the Buffalo- Niagara Cricket Field team members, a group entirely from outside Niagara Falls.

Everyone loves a good mystery and the Reporter is intrigued by the abundant mysteries of the Dyster administration.

Such as the Paul Dyster anonymous fund puzzle: We never discovered exactly how much slush went through the city books and the names of Dyster’s Buffalo donors remains a closely guarded secret eight years later.

The $50,000,000 courthouse cost $20,000,000 too much as Dyster curiously let it go wildly out of control leaving taxpayers with a thirty-year mortgage and astronomical annual operating costs.

Extra puzzling is the fact that demolition costs for the public safety building were built into the courthouse construction agreement, but the demolition never happened and the demolition cost wasn’t backed out of the contract. Where’d the money go?

The Underground Railroad Interpretive Center was scheduled to open four years ago but remains shuttered and shrouded in mystery. The Underground Railroad Commission never meets, the mayor isn’t talking about where the project’s annual $350,000 in casino funds are and there’s no interpretive materials in the building.

Isaiah 61 is more than a biblical reference it’s a riddle locked in a mystery hidden in a dilapidated fire hall. The organization, under guidance of Seth Piccirillo and Mayor Dyster, recently played a role in the baffling collapse of a Center Avenue house.

Jayne is more than a woman’s name it’s a lovely (formerly lovely) park on Cayuga Island. Dyster and Senior Planner Thomas DeSantis forced their “park restoration plan” on the residents…a plan that cost over $300,000 as it devalued the park and neighborhood. With Paul Dyster nothing succeeds like excess and on May 13 he inexplicably ordered up a “second phase” of park work.

How can the city build a $44,000,000 train station while having no idea as to its annual operating costs? How does the mayor get away with calling the facility’s annual costs a “moving target” containing unknowable numbers?

Why did the mayor shift into reverse on the Parkway going from a green candidate pledging total removal to the putty-like mayor who approves everything the state suggests for the roadway?

Why hasn’t the “green mayor” shared his thoughts with the residents regarding the water board’s possible plans to treat fracking wastewater?

The mayor’s ice pavilion renovation plan climbed from a targeted $7,000,000 to an approximate $13,000,000 due to change orders and consulting fees. How did that happen?

Paul Dyster continues to violate the city charter by refusing to hire a city engineer. What’s the real reason he prefers engineer consultants rather than a city engineer that would protect taxpayer interests?

The mayor violated the city charter by hiding his 2015 budget for 37 days, finally revealing it after Election Day 2014. He has yet to explain his actions.

Why did Dyster rush his trash contact to the council for approval thereby preventing other trash haulers from submitting bids? How did he have the city-logo embossed totes delivered so quickly? Why, it almost appears that he ordered the totes before the $2.2 million purchase was authorized.

City hall stipends have been handed out like presents at a children’s Christmas party. The list of stipends is an Eyes Only secret. We are told that there are additional stipends that only Dyster’s chosen few know about. If true, that’s fraud.

Has the mayor responded in detailed writing to the NYS Comptroller’s scathing May 2013 audit as required by law?  The audit reported on money missing inside the city budget (audit page 12) and to this day the Dyster administration has failed to explain the million-dollar plus discrepancy.

The NYS Comptroller ordered the city to stop using “one shot gimmicks” to close the budget deficit. The mayor then used the casino cash “one shot gimmick” to close the deficit in 2014 and 2015. Why?

There are so many Dyster administration mysteries and so little writing space to contain them.

Such as the curious matter of the mayor’s Underground Railroad Interpretive Center project manager being removed from city hall.

And the role city hall played in the YMCA building sale?

Who really brought Mark Rivers and the Holiday Market to town?

There’s been repeat vandalism at LaSalle Waterfront Park and yet the mayor refuses to install security cameras. Hmm.

Is the anonymous fund dead and gone or has it simply slipped underground?

Why did the mayor lobby for the Maid of the Mist over Hornblower when the Maid deal shorted state taxpayers by $100,000,000?

What’s the real reason why Dyster has left Main Street for dead?

So many mysteries, so little time.






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