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AUGUST 03 - AUGUST 11, 2015

Questions Somebody Should Ask the Mayor About his Cricket Field?

By Frank Parlato

AUGUST 03, 2015

If Mayor Dyster is building cricket fields for the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club to satisfy their hobby, why can't he build a steeplechase to satisfy mine?
I like Polo instead.

Since Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster does not speak to the Niagara Falls Reporter, perhaps some intrepid media person with whom he will speak might consider asking some of the following questions about the lately arrived cricket field in Niagara Falls.

They are:

Who has priority for using the cricket field?

The Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club, which consists of a group of educated affluent men none of whom live in Niagara Falls?

If a group of Niagara Falls taxpayers (who paid for the field) wanted to use the new field, do they have to seek permission from the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club or surrender the filed if the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club wants to use it?

If so, is there a contract with the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club?

And if there is a contract, the city charter requires the city council to approve it.

Did they?

Has the city council been approached to ratify a contract to lease or donate the Niagara Falls cricket field to the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club?

There is one cricket field, so only one game can be played at one time.

Who has priority on Cricket field?, That is the question. The people who paid for it? Or the people for whom Mayor Dyster suddenly built it?

Does the Niagara Falls taxpayer have the first choice or the group of Buffalo residents who comprise the Buffalo Niagara Cricket Club to use the field?

Why did Dyster do it?

Does the mayor have a legal right to spend taxpayer money to give to any one group without council consent?

Whose cricket field is it?

Suppose a group of Amherst businessmen like to ride horses and they want a steeplechase?

If they are affluent enough?

How about if the Buffalo-Niagara Basketball Club – consisting of a group of Buffalo African Americans – want a basketball court for their team?

Would Dyster find them a couple of acres?

Would he still say he wants diversity?

From 72nd St to Gerard and 61St is a distance of 11 blocks.

On Gerard and 61st they have a cricket field. On 72nd St., they have no running water in the wintertime.

Isn’t it audacious of Mayor Dyster to address the needs of wealthy cricketeers from Buffalo and not the needs of Niagara Falls residents who are facing a third winter without water?

Will Mayor Dyster decline or accept campaign contributions from any cricket players this election year?






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