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AUGUST 03 - AUGUST 11, 2015

David Nail to Perform FREE (with gate admission) at the Erie County Fair

August 03, 2015

Hamburg, NY- Country music recording artist David Nail will be performing a FREE (with gate admission) concert on Sunday, August 16 at the Erie County Fair. The concert will take place as part of the National Grid Concert Series inside the Gusto Grandstand at 7:30pm.

This free show will take the time slot of Little Big Town, which was cancelled late July due to an ongoing medical issue within the band. It was important to the Erie County Fair to quickly replace the show, and give country music fans the opportunity to see yet another great show for just the price of gate admission.

Nail, 36, a Missouri native, has released three top ten singles over his career including “Red Light,” “Let it Rain,” and “Whatever She’s Got.”  Nail’s latest album I’m A Fire rose to Number 3 on the country music charts.

Kicking off the show will be the Vehicles for Vets Giveaway by the Basil Family of Dealerships and Country 106.5 WYRK. Nine veterans were nominated throughout the summer to be finalists and one winner will be announced to win a new car.

Sunday, August 16 is also Veterans Day at the Erie County Fair. Veterans and active military receive FREE admission to the Fair with proper ID.







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