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Man Shares Concerns Over Sex Offenders Living in LaSalle

Richard J. Morello
Map shows location of growing number of sex offenders in LaSalle area

(This letter came from a member of the local community who asked that his name be withheld for his family's safety.)

Mr. Parlato,

You have been up front and vocal about the number of sex offenders living in the Falls, particularly in the area near the Niagara Street School.

I want to bring to your attention the increasing number of these scumbags living in LaSalle.

There is this scumbag, Richard Joseph Morello, who is living about a quarter mile away from 79th Street School.

There are some living near the 7-11 on 81st Street.

There are some living in the apartments on 80th, near Panera.

There are some living in those seedy motels on the Boulevard (e.g., the Pelican).

Morello violated an eight-year-old girl!

As the father of two young girls, it makes me sick that these sex offenders are close by.

Please help bring public awareness through your paper to this growing issue for LaSalle as well as downtown.

We are very upset out here.

However, I'd like to ask that you withhold my name. My job requires me to be away from home many nights and my wife is alone with our four-year old and 21-month-old. You never know what these people are capable of, and it makes my wife uneasy to be home alone.

Again, I appreciate what you have done for our community and I thank you for your consideration of my request.


A Father



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Mar 11, 2014