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Why Stop at Tesla Statue? Let's put Marilyn And Others at the Brink

By Kay Stubbs

The author's rendering of (proposed) Statue Point (formerly Prospect Point). With the addition of just six statues we can make the park more exciting.
A: Frederick Law Olmsted contemplates what happened to his park.
B: Nikola Tesla thinks about electricity to wire up restaurants and souvenir stores in the park.
C: Nik Wallenda crossing the falls on a tight rope.
D: Abe Lincoln contemplates the beauty of the falls while standing under Marilyn Monroe's dress.
E: Superman flies over the falls (a great photo op).
F: Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose. (Another great photo op).

The New York State Parks is "improving" Niagara Falls State Park by moving the statue of Nikola Tesla from the parking lot on Goat Island to a spot overlooking the falls, This is being done so the statue can be viewed as part of the landscape on the American side.

This alluring idea will add significantly to the view of the falls.

Why stop there?

How about a statue of Nik Wallenda on the high wire?

Next to Tesla, they might also consider placing a statue of Frederick Law Olmsted, himself, contemplating how the state has improved on his original design.

Add a statue of Marilyn Monroe, in her red dress, from the movie "Niagara," or with the wind blowing her skirt up, and, for added zest, the mist of the falls making her blouse (or t-shirt) wet.

A statue of superman flying over the falls might, also, please the impeccable taste of Park officials, along with Clark Kent and the lovely Lois Lane.

If we erect enough statues around the falls, the novelty will be an attraction in itself, potentially bringing a windfall of new revenue for New York State.

And that's good news.



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Mar 04, 2014