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Carter Ally Issues Threat To Publisher of Reporter Car Break-in King Upset at Stories

By Frank Parlato

Fabian Carter

Imagine my delight when, while listening to one of the many voice mails received by the Niagara Falls Reporter (716-284-5595) last week, I heard a shifty sounding voice say, "I will call back later. The message is for Frank Parlato. I want to know where he's getting all these lies that he is writing in the paper about Fabian Carter. Just look over your shoulders. When I find out who you are, it is over for your ass."

The caller was apparently upset that we should dare to publish the rap sheet of Niagara Falls most arrested man, Fabian Carter, who, every time he gets out of jail, proceeds to go about breaking into people's cars and stealing things.

Carter has been arrested some 144 times (which means he has been released at least 143 times). While some may find the fact that the rate of car break-ins goes down when Carter is in jail amusing, anyone whose car window Carter has smashed, or any other of his numerous victims, for that matter, are surely not amused.

We are also not amused.

In answer to the issuer of the threat, "I can be found anytime."

Just give me a call (716-284-5595) when you're feeling brave.

And to Fabian Carter: "Dude, cut it out! If you have a crack problem, get some help. But stop being the village idiot."

One day someone is going to catch you and beat you senseless.

Try breaking into my car and see what happens.



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Mar 04, 2014