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Letter to the Editor

Kirsten Gillibrand Likes to Give Everything Away

Kudos to Craig Tretiak on his article about the subject: Good ole US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand likes to give away everything that isn't HERS....like our Second Amendment Rights.....along with US Senator Chuck Schumer.. signing them away to the UN. As for the illegal immigrants.....would they be employees of hers????

Fred Kinbaum

N. Tonawanda


Maybe Dyster Wasn't After Snowy Owl but Protecting the Nation

I know a lot of people in the city have their doubts about the explanation Mayor Paul Dyster gave to an IDA official for trespassing in the woods, wearing a trench coat, behind the IDA offices that you reported last week.

Mayor Dyster said he was out there in the middle of a workweek day looking to spot the Snowy Owl.

Most people thought that sounded a little suspicious.

What I think Mayor Paul Dyster might have been really doing was not looking for Snowy Owls, but a bit of espionage related to his work in the 1980's when he, according to his resume, sat across from the Soviets and stopped World War III by limiting nuclear arms proliferation.

I've seen plenty of spy movies, and read more than a few spy novels, so I know a little more than the average citizen. This is how it works: the agent delivers a package at a "dead drop" and that package has to be retrieved by a US agent. Isn't it just possible that Mayor Dyster was in the woods to retrieve something that had been dead dropped by a foreign agent?

Was our mayor in the woods, behind the IDA, keeping our nation safe so the United States won't fall prey to the Soviets in a thermo nuclear Armageddon?

Just asking.

John LaKare

Niagara Falls


Some Issue With 'Nature is Best Promoter' Story

Your article, "Maybe Nature is the Best Promoter for Cataract City," expressed a viewpoint with which the Niagara Heritage Partnership generally agrees. We've been talking about it since 1997. We might differ on the significance & appropriateness of the Wallenda walk, but we believe the promotion of ecotourism (the natural scenery) has the potential to create a new population of tourists at Niagara, and for our region.

What's distressing about your comments, though it may seem minor, is you repeating the State Park's feeble justification for spending $40 million (current figure) in "dressing up the park," as if it had some truth to it. Have you ever read the NY Times article and the single sentence by Barbara Ireland? I have.

This suggests that State Parks may be spending money for questionable projects--note the Three Sister Island restroom idea that was abandoned. (The money being squandered on fake stone pavers and their installation might pay for a significant percent of gorge parkway removal. Fake stone pavers, btw, being installed in the interest of "visual consistency" (is this desirable?), appear to be fertile ground for investigative reporting: how extensively are they being used throughout the park system, who got the contract, etc.)

As for the removal of the Parkway issue; State Parks appears to be on the cusp of making a decision contrary to common sense, without significant opposition.

Happy trails,

Bob Baxter

Conservation Chair

Niagara Heritage Partnership


Line on Carpenter Offensive

The acrimony and style of Craig Tretiak, to me, is refreshing. One thing though Mr. Tretiak. The remark about the Jewish carpenter was not necessary and could hinder your employ as a columnist. It simply was out of line and mildly insulting if the double entendre' is the case. Rock on!

Len Jaworski



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Jan 28, 2014