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Desperate and Dateless

If a picture paints a thousand words, then wise men stay, only fools rush in. My ex used to say I was the walrus. All you need is love, lol right. My name's Michelle (yo belle,. hopefully, haha) I am far right between elbow and underarm.
My namez Papa, and I just want to meet my dream on that Magical Mystery Tour of whirlwinded romance. I’m easygoing, laidback, carefree, chilled out, non drama, relaxed, spaced guy. I’ve been single for awhile but not by my own personal choice..
Seriously, ladies, I am going broke on these first date get togethers, buying drinks, coffee, only to get nothing: no follow up date, no phone call, no text, no email. It's pretty ridiculous!! So let's meet if ur not going be texting the whole time and ready to drink your drink or eat ur food then runaway, give me a call. I’m Larry.
Like what you see? That's me, Claude, far right.
Tired and confused perpetrator looking for a female type person to help me carry out my missions. Hate talking about big phone bills; Ain’t here to rinse words. Call me if you’re real. Contact James.
Personally masculine guy looking for polarized opposite. I haven’t done a lot lately but was hoping to try out this new thing and catch a fish where she swims. Contact Randy.
I have been told I have a strong resemblance to a German historical figure that people often comment on. Contact Herman (circled).
I wanna go bananas over a new Kiwi lover, and I won't compare apples to oranges. Things won't be peachy if you respond to my “Honey, do you?” with a sad “You know I can’t elope." I'm a 39-year-old tax attorney with severe lactophobia.Contact Jimmy.
Are you contrasted and perspired, too? Can’t stand haters and game changers. Contact Rose Marie.
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about someone who has great experience in this area: Amorous Solutions, LLC; we are a dating network based out of Hoboken, Nigeria. We specialize in helping lonely people meet, guiding them through our foolproof matchmaking process. In 2014, we helped 40,000 young singles meet, 16,000 of which later married. With 200,000+ lonely singles on our network, you’ll never spend another day alone! Our website accepts Paypal, Direct deposit, and Credit card Transactions. Log on to http:/amsolution/authenticate
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My ample derriere is relatively safe, but - and it is a big ’but’ - you understood there is always more to a relationship than physical attraction. Nevertheless you are looked for and called for, asked for and sought for in the great chamber.
Lonely, seeking someone to pursue the finer things. I get tons and tons of mail on this stupid profile, so seriously, if you don’t have anything better to say than “Hi, what kind of music do you like?” or “Ur byuteeful!” Move on! I need someone serious in a committal relationship. Contact Candy.



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Jan 28, 2014