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Letters to the editor

Mez on the Rez

The Seneca Niagara casino recently opened its "Mez" area that is designed to teach eighteen year olds how to gamble.

If the average eighteen year old gambles their money away (where does an eighteen year old's money come from anyway?) and needs to feed their addiction how they do they get their hands on additional cash?

On WBEN radio, newsman/anchor John Zack mentioned that he has a problem with young people being introduced to gambling like this. So we will be hearing more about this in the media: the Red Man luring the White Man's children into a life of gaming.

Would be an interesting question to pose for the PhD mayor: Do you approve of the Seneca adding a gaming section to the casino just for young people... people who are too young to drink in a white man's bar but are old enough to gamble in a red man's casino?

John Cummings

Niagara Falls


Too Tough on Dyster

I read Mr. Ruffolo's letter with caution, waiting to have the "but" come into my vision while making my way through the words. GREAT MOTHER OF RELIEF!!! Nothing negative or putrid items had been listed. Why? What was missing? Oh yeah! Ditzy Dyster was not involved!

Bill Svensson


Too Soft on Dyster

Mr.Parlato, I can't help but notice your paper over the past six months just seems to have its bite taken out of it? Has you lost your beef with city hall? It seems as if you have made peace with Mayor Dyster. The city of Niagara Falls is more and more corrupt and yet you give the city the pass . Whatever happened with the state audit? Why did Gov. Cuomo get to Bob Anderson really? Why did Bob Anderson miss that last council meeting when he hasn't missed a council meeting in 10 years? Odd? Did the Reporter question him? Your paper used to bring out some real corruption, what happened? Who silenced you?

Wendy Farnsworth


A Thank You to Veterans

While standing at a flag line with the Patriot Guard Riders at the funeral for Staff Sergeant Henry Dolan, Niagara Falls, N.Y., I was approached by a lady who I had never seen before. She was carrying a flag, also. She asked me if I was veteran. I said 'yes, I am.'

She then handed me a sealed letter and stood silently in line with us.

When I got home that evening I opened the letter and read it:

Dear Veteran; You are a wonder of our great country! Thank you for your courage, honor, and loyalty. How do I express my appreciation to someone I have never met in person – yet I know you. You are America's son, my son, my friend, my brother, and my 'Hero.' Because of you, I have lived my life free and raised my children the same way. Your promise and commitment has given this to us and we are a grateful nation.

It was signed Jocelyn, a N.Y. Soldiers Angel, Lockport, N.Y.

I know this was given to me by a stranger to a stranger, but I am sure she meant it for all veterans.

Thank you.

Charles Everett

Niagara Falls



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Jan 07, 2014