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Despite The critics, Cuomo Wins Big With College-for-Prisoners Idea

Andrew Cuomo's plan to pay for college for prisoners actually worked. He got what he really wanted.

Let us tell you kiddies how a master politician like Cuomo works.

First, this law will never pass and Cuomo knows it. He always knew it would never pass. He knows it will never pass the Senate (for which in the proper quarters he can blame the Republicans).

But the idea - the failed idea - will get him lots of minority votes.

Indeed this was his gift to both Democrats and Republicans.

Cuomo's Republican friends in their gerrymandered districts can wail against his "foolish" plan and no one will push back- least of all Cuomo.

Democrats upstate can either support the bill (if they need minority votes) or oppose it (if their district is more conservative).

New York Democrats can support the bill and, ensured of minority support, won't lose the white vote either. In these bastions of liberalism, even the rich will support this crazy scheme of paying prisoners to go to college because it will assuage a lot of white guilt held by liberals for deeds done against minorities by people who lived before they were born.

The bill also panders to the Democrats' fascist belief system that more government meddling is always better, and that we ought to do something about prison other than imprisoning fewer criminals.

Since minorities will never forget how he tried to help the disproportionately minority prisoners who, many believe, are there because of racists laws and law enforcement, Cuomo can never be hurt by this bill, especially if it does not pass.

Cuomo also does not have to worry about pushback from conservative Democrats. Even middle of the road Democrats will not abandon Cuomo on this sole issue, since he supports so many others close to their hearts, like late term abortion, anti-fatherhood measures, strict gun controls, and other anti-freedom measures.

In addition, Cuomo, who will undoubtedly not face a Democratic primary, will be the only alternative for middle of the road Democrats, who as left leaning as Cuomo is, is still a far cry better than any Republican.

(Remember how Obama could embrace fracking in Ohio? Despite fracking being a Republican issue, one that most Democrats abhor, Democrats still voted for Obama since he was still to the left of Romney.)

No, dear readers, Andrew Cuomo did not misfire.

In a welfare state like New York, even hare-brained ideas like this get him "net votes."

And net votes are what it's all about.



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Feb 25, 2014