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Desperate and Dateless

Just got off a dealbreaker relationship with a man slightly older than myself who tried to, like, run every avenue of my life! IF you are that person, no thanks, already fulled up with that. I'm looking for someone that is not like my ex in any way shape...maybe shape and form hah lol jk, but seriously does not want to compete with my reflexes.
JANET 28 PLus tax lol.
Are you pneumatic? Running with the wind, hey I'm Fred. I've met a lot of ho's on this page, but don't let that distract you. I keep my money on my mind, but fools try to distract. Friends call me Fred lol.
This page is so stupid, and I understand that no one ever meets anyone on it, but its only 40 bucks a month. I don't know why I'm even here. Im so tired of meeting guys in a bar. I'm Sta-C, I happen right now to be currently single. I haven't found anyone that just, you know, gives you the butterflies? I like food, movies, music, tv, reading, walking, pets, relaxing at home, going out, all sorts of things. If you like these things, don't wait, shoot me and email. There's a lot more for you to learn about me! Sta-C on left, no ball.
Underneath this skin of tarp I've got a hart as big as a duplex. I'm thinking about settling down to something seriously, but of course, the right individual has failed to connect with my inhibitions. Let me be your Saviour.
It has been my belief that shortsighted, lust intoxicated fools in a depressed, overpopulated civilization would consider mating. However, I am not impervious to the biological yearnings of my constitution; it is with respect to this natural urgency, that I condescend to solicit you. I anticipate a great many responses from this advertisement, and am open to the possibility of a polygamous relationship. If I don't return your phone call within 42 calendar days, it is not that I am too busy, but that you aren't sufficiently attractive to meet my specifications. My name is Dathaniel (pictured in rear.)
I like boating, a lot. Mary. Call me....



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Feb25, 2014