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Andrew Cuomo Panderer of the Year...

By Joseph Donovan

It could be coincidental that when Gov. Andrew "the Candy Man" Cuomo spoke before the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian (i.e. everyone but white) Legislative Caucus Weekend in Albany, he presented the idea to forcibly extract money from taxpayers to pay for the college education of prisoners (many of whom used force to get into prison).

It could be Candy Man's bleeding, heartfelt love for prisoners languishing in cages across New York that inspired this idea, but it sounds like pandering to us.

Many in Cuomo's audience may have relatives in prison, and while they may be there due to the cruel police state America has become, some are there because they are primal beasts without regard for humanity or society.

Regardless of how vile, criminal, unjust or brutal the prisoner may be, he is nevertheless a son, a brother, a husband, a grandson, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin or a father.

He is a boy (or man) loved by his family who, by his absence, leaves a hole in somebody's heart.

Most of those who heard the great panderer at the Caucus would gladly vote for a man who promises to grant their boy a free college education while he serves time for whatever offense he may have perpetrated on society.

The violent rapist who sits in prison for his foul deed will get a college education at the expense of the woman he raped, while she struggles, to restore her broken life.

Somewhere, if the great panderer's plan goes through, someone who was beaten will pay taxes to educate the man who beat her, while her own children, due to her inability to afford it, will be denied the luxury of going to college.

Panderer Cuomo grants criminals a new paradigm: Crime pays. If you don't get caught, you can keep whatever you stole. If you do get caught, Andy, the Emperor Panderer, will make sure you get a free college education (at the taxpayers' expense).

May the rapist, the thief and the mugger know that, if he lacks an education, he can go out and rape a lady, steal from a store, hit an old woman and snatch her purse. If she resists, he can knock her to the floor. If he gets caught, Andy will make the taxpayers not only feed, house and clothe him, but educate him, too.



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Feb 25, 2014