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Former NFPD Cop Sentenced; Will Take Retirement Pension

By Mike Hudson

Kelly Alcorn

Former Niagara Falls Police Officer Kelly Alcorn was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge, 100 hours of community service and to make restitution of $2,128.74 in Genesee County Court last week for her role in an August, 2012, altercation in Darien Lake that left the wife of a state trooper injured.

She was also issued orders of protection covering a period of five years that forbid any contact with the victim in the case, Elizabeth Dake of Farmington.

Alcorn, a 20-year veteran of the NFPD, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault last October.

Alcorn could have been sentenced up to one year in jail or three years probation.

"My client had one moment of poor judgment that has embarrassed her and disrupted her life. Otherwise she has had a wonderful career serving six years in the military and 20 years in law enforcement," said attorney Norman Effman who represented Alcorn in the case.

The charges stemmed from an altercation in a line to the ladies room at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, where Country & Western singing sensation, Jason Aldean, was performing. Initial reports said an argument about cutting into line turned violent. At least four women were involved but only Alcorn and Karen Walker of Niagara Falls were arrested.

Initially, Alcorn was booked on a relatively minor misdemeanor charge of harassment, but after Dake turned to the media,, the Genesee County District Attorney's Office upgraded the charge to felony assault.

In a letter to the Buffalo News, Dake described what she said was a "brutal and merciless attack."

Witnesses said Dake intervened on behalf of a woman Alcorn was yelling at for cutting in line. Alcorn reportedly threw Dake up against a wall and punched her, knocking her to the ground. Police said Walker then punched a fourth woman who attempted to intervene on behalf of Dake.

Ironically, Dake, who is the wife of a Genesee County state trooper, requested that her name no longer be used in news reports about the case once the more serious charges were leveled.

Dake claimed she suffered a concussion and missed nine days of work as a result of the fight.

Alcorn was one of about 100 people arrested that day at the Aldean concert, an event that is often characterized by rowdy behavior, lawlessness and violence on the part of fans. She admitted to having been intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Genesee County Judge Robert Noonan seemed to sympathize with Alcorn at the sentencing.

"You have suffered a major setback in your life and you were singled out because of your career in law enforcement, but the complainant was injured and deserves to be compensated," he said.

Niagara Falls Police Chief Bryan DalPorto said the incident was regrettable.

"We expect all our officers to hold to the highest standards of integrity," the chief told the Niagara Falls Reporter, adding that he has known Alcorn for years and she was a good police officer.

Alcorn left the Niagara Falls Police Department last September after voluntarily being on administrative leave since the incident occurred in 2012.

Since Alcorn chose to retire rather than face departmental disciplinary proceedings, she will collect her $40,000 annual pension.

Sources tell the Reporter that while Alcorn is technically qualified, given the circumstances of her retirement and arrest, she will be unlikely to return to law enforcement.



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Feb 11, 2014