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Desperate and Dateless

Soooo...I'm often described as bubbly, contagious laughter, great personal- ity, light of the room, infected...and the list goes on. The main reason that I'm putting this out there for you, is that I need someone. I mean, I've been looking and weeding, and digging through but haven't found what I wanted. I'm a bit shy at first, but if you can get past that, I think you might find me. (Scotty, pictured behind the tree)
Chick Magnate, here! Definitely keeping an eye out for the stuff in life that be sweet and moving on. I'm a selfmade individuality, got no kids what I know of, but am open to the process. Went to college to study pharmacy for a while, but got acquitted. Looking for a chick with a sense of rapport and female persuasion.
Hey, I'm Hal. I'm a mortgage loan officer for a bank you probably wouldn't want a loan from lol jk. But seriously, Ive been prancing around this dating thing for awhile and I seriously don't get what the deal is with you ladies? Am I poison or smething? You think I'm wet behind the ears? I don't know why I'm here. I never here from anyone anyway. Starting to get pissed off. Call me.
When I ain't not out skating the park, the crib or whatever, you'll probably catch it hangin' out at my crib, toastin it up. But thing is, I kinda be looking to chill and hit it with someone? Ya know. I ain't into playin, and dinin, and spendin money on stupid Sh#$% that all the hoes be wantin'. I'm into the cir- cle deep, ya dig? I ain't into modulating or whatever, just a real situation. But if you know someone who know, holla.
haha, know what I mean? So, just been here dating for awhile, trying to find that good catch...but haven't...found...the right one...yet haha (that's why I'm still here, obviously, lol) But, you know, I'm really getting anxious to meet someone that, like, is cool plus sweet? I don't know how to explain. Call me if ur interested, I guess. Lol. I'm Henry (see arrow)
Lonely soul 4 other lonely soul looking to commiserate. Can't find anyone, so tired of lame-ass doofs. Looking to expand myself with some female. Do you think you could give me a call? Definitely looking to meet someone bad. That's me just below blonde chick pictured above me.
Hoping to cross-pollinate with a cosmopolitan rep- resentation of the uni- verse. Although I've consistently met my own expectations time and time again, I've found enormous potentialities in the blogosphere of human interconnection; this is why I'm contact- ing you. I know that you are a perceptive and open-minded current, racing towards the desti- nation of myself. I hope you take advantage of this rare opportunity of engulfing my mission be- fore the propagusis elab- orates. My name's Todd.



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Jan 28, 2014