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It Don't Pay to Steal This Newspaper….

One final note: During the past week a close family member of someone named in one of our stories took it upon herself to go around the Town of Lewiston and snatch our newspapers in quantities off the shelves.

We deliver thousands of papers in Lewiston each week in dozens of locations.

Since the night (and day) has "a thousand eyes," more than a half-dozen people contacted us and identified the woman and her (underage) helpers.

They spoke to us on the record and named her, making her fair game for a news story. We also contacted the woman by phone. When she learned who we were, she promptly hung up on us.

Since this woman is person of prominence in the town and, might lose her position, bring disgrace upon herself and family, and, for all we know, be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor by her act of getting children to help her steal newspapers, we have decided not to mention her name.

Although our newspaper is free, we have been advised by authorities that taking them in quantities with the intention of preventing others from reading them is theft - and a theft of service from our advertisers.

On the other hand, it strikes us that it was a stupid mistake on her part and something which we hope she will not repeat.

We also believe that the punishment she would get if prosecuted would be greater than the crime.

Over the years, several people have stolen our newspapers because they did not like what we wrote about them, including elected officials.

We keep an eye on these things and always have papers in reserve.

For every paper this woman stole, we replaced two for one.

We owe that to our advertisers.



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Feb 04, 2014