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Despite Facebook Forum, Stand Up to Bullies

By Frank Parlato

A medal of valor is not given for running away...
According to some Facebook females, these dudes should have run away

Facebook is fun, and is often a pretty good place to debate issues.

And the good folks at a Facebook page called the Niagara Forum, a site hosted by our esteemed friend Ken Hamilton, is no exception.

We admire Hamilton for setting up a Facebook forum where both the wise and the ignorant can sound off.

Some of the latter made comments about our response to earlier members’ comments objecting to our showing pictures of Mayor Paul Dyster doing a break dance at a public event.

The original story was plain fun and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the mayor make an ass out of himself.

However, some of the Niagara Forum members brought up a more serious issue: Bullying. To this we respond.

It is a common habit of Facebook members to make their comments personal, churlish and childish, while others try to address issues sincerely.

Since bullying is a serious issue, we want to address it seriously.

One woman commented: "The (Niagara Falls Reporter's) response of ‘Fight, not flight’ is exactly why I can't support their opinions in the first place. We need to teach the youth LOVE, not hate. Violence begets violence, simple as that."

She states almost perfectly the exact opposite of our position. Ours is: “Fight, not flight!” We need to teach our youth: COURAGE, not weakness. Cowardice begets bullying.

While we want to teach children to stand up to bullies - she would have them run away.

Let us extend this same lesson to adults.

Should adult men flee when confronted by bullies?

Not fight, but flight?

What about country?

If another csountry bullies us, should our nation flee?

Flight, not fight.

Should we surrender?

Should we run away, till they come to their senses and love us?

Should we go to authorities to save our stinking hides?

Should we love, not resist bullies, while they whoop our ass?

An intelligent man - William Barnes Jr., posted: "Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself or you get run over."

The woman then wrote in rebuttal, "Standing up for yourself and learning self defense in order to scare someone into not bullying are two different things."

No. They are not.

Leaning self defense is the goal. Learning to scare someone into not bullying is the goal.

If you can't scare them, thrash them!

"There's nothing wrong in asking support from your peers or elders to stop someone from bothering you," the lady continued. "Community is just that, no child should be taught to be a lone wolf."

Yeah. It takes a village.

Here is what some women will never understand: A MAN does not need a village. He stands up for himself. He must learn to depend on himself, not on the village. Some women want all men to forget their true nature and be feminized. They are asking for the impossible. Some men will never be feminized.

And for good reason.

Every man will one day face an enemy from which he cannot run away. He will have to stand up for himself. He will not be able to go anywhere but within himself and muster the courage and fight back.

There will be no village to help him. In man's greatest hour of need, he stands alone.
Another woman wrote, “Teach your young men to fight back? Fight back and get shot! Or stick up for yourself and go shoot up a movie theater or school! Times have changed from when we were kids."

This lady argues that if you stand up for yourself you will go to a movie theater and shoot people. Really?

Once more: a man - men, not girlie boys or coward dogs - but men, and boys who will grow to be men, should stand up to bullies.

Fight, not flight!

We will not teach to you run to mommy or the authorities.

One great day, when you risk it all- even getting shot or scared or beat up, maybe even defending not yourself but maybe protecting a woman, or a child or someone, but still dare to stand up and, win or lose, on that day, you will become a man.

When every bone in your body is filled with the terror that you might lose, but you still go forward and fight because it is right, then you will be a man.

One day, some day, there will be nobody to run to and you will face it, and win. Or die.
Being a man is better than the cowardly path that some of the ladies have in mind for you.

It is better that you should die standing up bravely for what you believe in, than live a life full of cowardice.

Come, be men.



Niagara Falls Reporter - Publisher Frank Parlato Jr. www.niagarafallsreporter.com

Feb 04, 2014