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The Week in Dumb Crime

By Mike Hudson

Don't Room With Me

You should always pick your roommates with the greatest of care and, if you live in Niagara Falls, don’t pick a guy named Torrey J. Ashley, at least if you’re going to leave any blunt objects lying about.

Niagara Falls City Police were called to 6034 Frontier Ave. one day last week by Ashley’s roommate, who was bloody and battered when officers arrived. The victim told officers he returned home, only to find that Ashley had changed the door locks and he couldn’t get in to his own apartment.

A verbal altercation ensued, Ashley knocked the victim down a couple of times and, when he attempted to get up, swung an unknown, blunt object at him, striking him on the forehead and leaving an unusual patterned imprint as well as causing considerable swelling and pain.

The victim then attempted to run from the room but the door was closed and, wouldn’t you know it, lacked a doorknob with which to open it. Ashley continued to pummel his man using his fists, bloodying his nose and causing further bumps and bruises.

At last the victim was able to get the door open, exiting the house and calling the cops, who arrived promptly and arrested Ashley on charges of assault with a weapon, menacing and harassment in the second degree. The victim was transported to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for treatment and everyone involved agreed that the relationship between the two roommates would probably never be the same again.



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SEP 03, 2013