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Stealing Makeup Makes Girls Look Bad

Ladies, we know you love your makeup and, as gentlemen, we appreciate your efforts to look your best. But please, get a job at McDonald’s and buy your makeup instead of trying to shoplift it at Wal-Mart.

Because likely you’ll get caught, go to jail and get your name in the papers and look desperate, which is never attractive.

One day last week, Brandi Ammons, 33, and Melissa Greenwalt, 31, decided to go shopping for makeup except they didn’t have any money. So, when they got to Wal-Mart, they concealed $41 worth of Maybelline mascara, nail lacquer and other beauty supplies about their persons and attempted to leave the store.

Their illicit shopping spree had been observed by a plainclothes store detective, who confronted the girls in the parking lot and detained them until police arrived.

Brandi and Melissa probably would have looked pretty good all dolled up for their special someone wearing all that makeup, but instead appeared like a couple of disheveled losers in their official NFPD mug shots.



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SEP 03, 2013