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How About Creating a Brand New Job at City Hall: Art Commissioner?

Did not need taxpayer subsidy

above: needed tax payer subsidy

If one idea could illustrate the difference between Mayor Paul Dyster and his hoped-for new council majority of Kristen Grandinetti, Charles Walker and Andrew Touma versus the current council majority and primary candidate Councilman Sam Fruscione, it might be the idea of creating a new position at city hall.

At the council candidate forum at the Rapids Theater last week, Panelist Brook D'Angelo, a Grandinetti supporter, asked candidates whether they support creating a new city hall job for an arts commissioner.

All of the Dyster candidates support it.

Both Grandinetti and Touma heralded it. Walker added, "The right person in the job would do wonders," saying he wants to form a committee to do the hiring.

Fruscione, on the other hand, does not favor it.

"A new position," asked Fruscione. "I’d have to let a fireman, policeman or foreman go. Do you want me to do that? An art commissioner’s position would lead to patronage."



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SEP 03, 2013