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Choolokian Endorses Fruscione

By Glenn Choolokian

The Democratic City Council primary is next Tuesday, Sept. 10th. Elections at the best of times have a low turnout right across the nation and primaries are traditionally lower than general elections. I am respectfully asking that our Democratic voters make an effort to come out on the 10th and vote for Sam Fruscione.

It’s all about positive momentum and respect for the taxpayers. We want to keep Sam in office working responsibly for our residents. In the past two years, Sam and I have worked with Bob Anderson to diplomatically, but necessarily, take control of city spending; stop the mayor’s 2013 proposed large tax increase for homeowners and businesses; ask the necessary tough questions; and, keep our residents and taxpayers at the forefront of all city government deliberation.

Sam Fruscione helped Bob Anderson and me as we took on powerful interests that wanted to bring toxic fracking water to our water treatment facility. Sam led our city government in supporting Nik Wallenda in the wire walk that put Niagara Falls on the front page across the world. Sam worked to stop the costly Power Authority structured settlement recommended by Mayor Dyster that would have cost us millions of dollars. Sam pushed for a new contract for the Ice Pavilion, he wrote city ordinances making it easier for businesses to get signage in the tourism district, promoted a streamlined vending system and initiated the landlord licensing program. He has worked to support new policing techniques as recommended by Police Chief DalPorto.

Sam has consistently demanded government transparency as he moved for an audit of the NTCC, demanded an audit of the Holiday Market, and posted the Hamister hotel proposal on the city website.

Councilman Fruscione has consistently reached across the political aisle to work with Sen. Maziarz and Assemblyman Ceretto because he believes that the taxpayer comes first and that party politics is always second.

While the residents have been exposed to a lot of confusing talk regarding the downtown hotel proposal, the reality is that the City Council will support a project that is, at the end of the day, positive for the city taxpayers. We continue to work to make this proposal a reality while keeping the best and long-range interests of the taxpayers in mind.

At the end of the day, good city government is about representing the families and residents of Niagara Falls in an open and honest way. If it’s good for the taxpayers, then it’s good for the city. It’s as simple as that.

Councilman Sam Fruscione has kept the residents in the forefront of his decisions at all times over the course of his two council terms. He has worked as part of the council majority in a spirit of cooperation to keep the city moving forward in the face of some very serious challenges, such as: the casino revenue impasse; the environmental crisis of fracking water; proposed tax increases; a catastrophic municipal budget last year; and, irresponsible spending.

I respectfully ask that you show your support for Councilman Sam Fruscione on primary day, Sept. 10th.



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SEP 03, 2013