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Niagara Inspector in Jail When News of His Job Being Restored was Announced

Model posing with ATV not unlike the one Chuck Haseley drives
Mechanic working on ATV
ATV (background)
This is where Haseley went after riding his ATV

It didn't get much attention in Niagara County but last month deputies in Cattaraugus County, while arresting various drunk drivers during a busy weekend in late August, nabbed one of our own: Town of Niagara building inspector Charles E. Haseley.

It was just a routine roundup of drunk drivers, like John Belleville of Bradford, Pa., who was not only allegedly drunk but driving while his license was suspended, speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road; also Tonya Hutchison who was speeding and driving on the shoulder of the road. And Bryce Caya, who was driving erratically and, when stopped, reportedly had multiple open containers of alcohol in his vehicle.

All these good, country folk went directly to the hoosegow where they would enjoy the night and a 6 a.m. wake up call for breakfast.

As mentioned above, among the notable country drunkards was our own Mr. Haseley.

On Saturday, Aug. 24 at 11 p.m., deputies arrested Haseley, age 50, who was allegedly operating an ATV vehicle while in a state of intoxication. He was on the four-wheeler on Bryant Hill Road in the Town of Franklinville-- his ass under an ATV and his hand under a can of bud.

Police said the ATV had no insurance, no registration, and old Chuck had an open container of beer with him while driving. He was charged with DWI, consuming alcohol on a motor vehicle, operating an ATV on a highway, no helmet, and operating an unregistered and uninsured ATV.

It was a bad break for Haseley who, after all, had good reason to celebrate that weekend.

He had just got his town job restored to full time.

Back in November, 2012, Haseley had his $57,594 per year, Town of Niagara building inspector's job cut by the town board to $28,000, his hours cut from 40 to 18 per week.

He served for more than half a year on a part-time basis, then, that very week, on August 19th, the town board returned Haseley to full time status and restored his $57,594 annual paycheck.

Who can blame Haseley for going out to the country and in the quiet of a summer evening and having a good old time combining rough terrain vehicular driving and grain based libations.

Ironically, news of his scheduled return to full-time status was not reported until the Buffalo News did so on the morning of Sunday, Aug.25, the day after his arrest in Franklinville.

Curiously, as the article was published and read by the News' faithful readers, Haseley was unable to procure a copy of the paper for he was still staying in the bed and breakfast facility in Little Valley known as the Cattaraugus County jail.

Haseley is back at work at his job in the Town of Niagara.



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SEP 10, 2013