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City Extends NTCC Pact, But Will Audit Reports

Thisrepresents the $20 million John Percy hasreceived to make the name Niagara Falls known to the world. It is unclear what he has done with it.
The NTCC’s John Percy has said that going forward he will be more transparent.

The Niagara Falls City Council has approved a one-year extension of the city’s contract with the Niagara Tourism and Convention Center (NTCC) in exchange for the tourism agency dropping its legal action against the city over the loss of its bed tax dollars.

The council’s unanimous approval of the extension Tuesday will provide the NTCC $88,937 for the year through June 18, 2014 city from bed tax receipts to go along with $6.2 million the agency received from the casino settlement covering the last four years. Niagara County also extended NTCC for a year, for less than $100,000, according to John Percy, president and CEO of NTCC.

As part of its agreement with NTCC, Niagara Falls will retain the auditing firm of Miller, Dickenson and Blais to analyze the reports generated by the NTCC for a one year period with the $20,000 cost for their services being withheld from the city’s payments to the tourism agency that has come under fire in the past for not being transparent in its handling of public funds.



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SEP 10, 2013