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Famed Haitian Singer Visits Lockport Dentist

Haitian star Fenner Pierre-Gilles, got , he said, new confidence in his smile after seeing Dr. Todd Levine..
Dr. Todd Levine DDS .

The famed Haitian singer-songwriter and television star, Fenner Pierre-Gilles, best known to Haitian audiences as Fe Fe, is in Western New York arranging for his first American recording contract and a concert tour.

Fenner also made his first visit to an American dentist during the last few weeks when he saw Dr. Todd Levine, of Aspire Family Dental, at his Lockport office.

Fenner said he was pleasantly surprised with the modern technology and courteous treatment, and, at the same time, saddened that the people of his own country cannot avail themselves of the same services that Dr. Levine offers to his patients.

With only one dentist for every 10,000 Haitians, many of the nation's 10 million people have never been to a dentist and, when they go, it is mainly because of a toothache and not preventative care. The cost of filling a cavity in Haiti is far higher than extracting a tooth and many poor people, whose teeth could have been saved, can only afford to have the tooth removed.

In any event, Fenner Pierre-gilles, Haiti's celebrated chanteur-composeteur, came to Dr. Levine last week for a deep cleaning.

He had this to say about his new American dentist;

You might be young or old.

If you hear 'doctor,' specially 'dentist'

You hear pain and disappointment

Well this is how I feel

But ever since my first appointment

After my deep teeth cleaning with Diana

It gave me pleasure and confidence in my smile

Before I left, she told me that my next appointment would be in four months

Technological update

I tell you ...

Dr. Levine tooth care the only place I go

Now I know ...

In love with my smile ...

My impression.

Fenner Pierre-gilles rose to national prominence in Haiti with a string of hit songs including School is Cool, Amba Amba, Ki Mele'm and Viktim -- the latter song being one of the most played songs in the history of Haitian radio. Ticket Magazine - Haiti's largest circulation entertainment magazine - named him Artist of the Year in 2008.

Fenner also appeared as a series regular on the popular TV show Ayiti Deploge.

He also appears on Haitian television and radio commercials as the face of Alliance Ecole Informatique, the largest private business and technical college in Haiti, with campuses in Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Petion-Ville, Clercine, Champs-de-Mars, Carrefour, Jeremie, Cap-Haitien, Cayes, Gonaives and Saint Marc.

The business school rode from obscurity to fame after the earthquake of 2010 with the TV image of Fenner riding on a motorcycle and singing about the business college which, as his song says, will help students get a job which will "make your mom happy."

See Fenner Pierre-gilles' commercial at http://www.flashhaiti.com/flash/businessdetail/id/421

By the way, Fenner told us that an American friend who escorted him to his appointment said she was so impressed with Dr. Levine, his careful explanation of his procedures, his modern technology, his ultra-comfortable waiting room and courteous staff, that she plans on switching from her present dentist to Dr. Levine.



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SEP 10, 2013