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YouTube Video Satirizes Zona, Touma, Anello, and Grandinetti

By Mike Hudson

Cartoon version of Kristen Grandinetti denying knowledge of opt out error.
This likeness of Vince Anello seems a bit remote...
Andy Touma, warranting lampooning gets welcome to Falls politics.
Jason Zona is not sharply lampooned, nor is the likeness keen.

A cartoon video, featuring the song “Liar” by Henry Rollins and clips from the cult classic 1981 film Scanners, pokes fun at Niagara Falls politicians like Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti, Council hopeful Andrew Touma, former Mayor Vince Anello and County Legislator Jason Zona.

The video, which clocks in at 2:35, was posted over the weekend on YouTube by Night Man. It can be seen on You Tube by going to Liars by Night Man.

The cartoon depiction of Grandinetti shows her defending her acceptance of more than $6,000 in health insurance opt-out payments to which she was not entitled. The one of Anello shows him denying that he defrauded the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union, a crime he confessed to and ultimately spent time in prison for.

Zona is shown stating that he and Johnny Destino did not commit election fraud in the recent primary- - something that the Niagara County Sheriff's Department has confirmed -- and Touma is depicted as having a very effeminate and largely inaudible speaking voice.

All of this is backed by Henry Rollins, former singer of the Los Angeles-based punk band Black Flag, GAP underwear model and perhaps the most annoying vocalist of the late 20th Century, doing one of his worst songs, “Liar.”

Zona, Anello, Touma and Grandinetti are liars. Get it?

The clip from Scanners is the one where the evening news anchor’s head is made to explode by mutants using extremely developed brain wave powers.

Additional footage, apparently from a video game, is also used.

As of 6:30 Monday evening, the video had 26 views, at least 13 of which were me, watching it over and over again in a vain attempt to figure out why anyone would go to the bother of producing it and posting it on YouTube.

Niagara Falls remains a place where the bitterest of battles continue to be fought over the tiniest and most meaningless turf.

This new video will serve someday as a footnote for someone attempting to explain how a once great American city could morph into a dysfunctional backwater where grown people spend their time playing junior high school games.



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OCT 29, 2013