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Russ Vesci, the Animal Activist

At Russ Vesci’s Oct. 17th fundraiser, Peter Reese, the Democratic political activist/lawyer was there to give his support to Vesci.

“I'm involved in the Buffalo Niagara No-Kill Pact," Reese said. "We like to support candidates that take positions favorable to no-kill and Russ is favorable to attempts to go no-kill in Niagara Falls.”

Just then Russ came by: “I'm a huge no-kill [supporter]. I'm an animal lover. I used to have arachnophobia (fear of spiders) but when I got involved in martial arts (Vesci became a champion with a 57-0 record) I began to understand the connection with all kinds of life. I am now against killing anything.”

Vesci, who if elected says he will make crime his top priority, actually won a citation from the city council for stopping a crime by confronting and then apprehending a robber/mugger in Niagara Falls (he does more than talk about crime, he fights it) and if elected says he’s going to do something about animals too.

Besides his commitment to no-kill as a legislator, he will, if he is elected, not take the health care opt-out money for his personal gain.

If it is true that he will have to accept the money for the “opt-out” of the health care coverage that council members are entitled to, which is a $9,700 stipend, Vesci, who already has health insurance from his job at the Niagara Falls Water Board, pledges to give that money to a “no kill” animal rescue, if he cannot decline the money all together.

“If I'm lucky enough to win, I will ask to not get the opt-out money.

"If, for some reason, I cannot decline it, I will give it to animal rescue and no-kill shelters. I like Canine Helpers because they train dogs as service dogs that they rescue dogs.”



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OCT 29, 2013