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Seth to The World: Please Live Here

By Moose, Jr.

Home made movie costs $6,000... Could have been done by average teenager for a few hundred dollars...

If you want to see how Director of Community Development Seth Piccirillo decided to spend $6,000 of your tax money to increase occupancy in the City of Niagara Falls, just visit the website www.youtube.com and punch in LiveNF commercial.


The narration on the so-called, "LiveNF commercial" video is as follows: "I am Niagara Falls. I am evolving. I am opportunity. I am looking for urban pioneers and I am waiting for you. Learn how we can help you with your student loan debt, as well as creating a home, business and life in Niagara Falls."

Are they kidding or just insane? With its spooky, brainwashing style of narration, they would have a better chance of convincing people to move to the Falls by selling them a souvenir tee shirt.

You can’t just show a video of a few nice houses, a goofy guy on a scooter, a man jogging by the river, three people dressed as cooks and a few people enjoying dinner to convince people to relocate to Niagara Falls. If you ask me, it’s pretty damn embarrassing.

And what is an "urban pioneer?" Is it someone who loves the Falls so much that they would live in poverty, crime and unemployment to get their student loan paid for?

If a student at Niagara Community College made this video in his communications class, it would not warrant a “C” grade. When they say in the beginning of the video “I am a wonder," are they talking about the Falls or is it this goofy video they subject us to?

It is pretty clear, Seth needs something to do.



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OCT 15, 2013