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Local 91 Hosts Musical Benefit for Dogs and Cats

An estimated 200 showed up for the event.

On Saturday night, Buffalo Humane, a No Kill animal rescue organization, held its "Bow Wow Boogie and the Stray Cat Strut," fundraiser event.

The not-for-profit organization, which operates a shelter at 7007 Campbell Blvd., in Pendleton, hopes their "Bow Wow Boogie" will be an annual fundraiser.

The venue for the event was Laborer’s Local 91’s headquarters in the Witmer Industrial Estates in Niagara Falls. Attendees included Niagara Falls Council Member Glenn Choolokian, Erie County Family Court Judge elect Deanne Tripi, Channel 2 television host Kristy Mazurek, Niagara County Legislature candidate Chris Ferrante, Niagara Falls Council candidate Russ Vesci and Professor Kim Diana Connolly, vice dean for legal skills at the SUNY Buffalo Law School, along with a packed house of animal lovers, and volunteers.

A large basket raffle, some superb and flavorful culinary delights and souvenirs of the night enlivened an evening dedicated to helping our feline and canine friends in distress.

Event organizer, Buffalo Humane Vice President Clara Miller, gave credit for the event’s evident success to its volunteers and to Laborers Local #91.

Six local bands provided live entertainment. Randal and The Late Night Scandal, Fresh Water Four, Dan Harper and the Magic Show, Blue Road House Family Band, Michael DiSanto and Days of Old. Their music was very well received and, at times, it was hard to distinguish whether this was a fundraiser for companion animals or a music festival.

When asked why Local 91 got involved in this project, business manager Dick Palladino replied, "Most of our members are pet owners and we are always happy to support such a worthwhile cause."

Among topics of discussion among the people in attendance were the goals of Buffalo Humane, which began as a core group of protesters who wanted to work with a City of Buffalo-based no-kill rescue organization, and wound up creating a No Kill adoptive shelter and rescue organization of their own.

If attendance at the event was any indication, the community demonstrated support for Buffalo Humane’s No Kill work.



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OCT 15, 2013