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Crime Not a Major Concern, Says Touma

Candidate Andrew Touma says, "Public safety is not a major concern," as long as Lasalle, Cayuga Island and Deveaux are safe.

Niagara Falls Council candidate Andrew Touma discussed crime and public safety with radio host and former Mayor Vince Anello during an Aug. 29 appearance on Anello’s show.

His comments are interesting.

Andrew Touma: I just want to mention something here. Ya know... I’ve been walking all over this city, in all wards, and I have never had one problem with anybody with regards to crime or feeling unsafe. I’m telling you, but would I walk down an area at 2 in the morning on 3rd street? No, I probably wouldn’t. Or let’s say 4 a.m. No! You have to use your head, and just like the schools, you hear about problems and people getting suspended. It’s only a small percentage of people doing this. This city is made up of great people who have great values, and want to see the city move forward and I gotta tell you I heard the other night about public safety, because people like to hear public safety and there is a good portion of this city that’s safe. Wouldn’t you agree Vince?

Anello: Oh definitely, we have a lot of beautiful neighborhoods, up against the golf course, LaSalle, Cayuga, Deveaux.

Touma: So I wouldn’t say public safety is a major concern.



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OCT 15, 2013