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Police Burdened by Failure to Appear Cases

By Mike Hudson

Failure to appear. Yeah, it sounds like some sort of stupid magic trick magicians are unable to perform. But in reality it’s a crime that consumes much of the Niagara Falls City Police Department’s time and energy each and every week.

Whether their names are imaginative, like Damone Jamer Robertson-Berts, pretty like Lindsey Lea Goffenberg, typically criminal like Fred Allen Curtis or simply ethnic like Jorge Luis Carrasquillo, you can bet that the brave men and women of the NFPD will be out there rounding them up and dragging them in on this most basic of charges, that of not showing up for court to answer some previously lodged criminal charge.

Now the confused criminals find themselves facing two charges, those filed in the original complaint and failure to appear, which carries a whole raft of new penalties.

In addition to the aforementioned, city cops also nailed Nahshon T. Hughes, Michael C. Schafer, Jermal Rashawn Pryor, Matthew G. Kreps, Nyle Tyree Marshall, Gregory Nicholas Perry, Jonathan Purcell Wilson, Randy Lee Boehringer, Zain Salleh, Davonne Myrone Perry, Anthony John Grover, Sara Elizabeth Debole, Jacquelin P. Barrett, Deanne Ruth Schumacher, Qumane Regis Dykes, Kenneth L. Hilson Jr., Darrell Jermaine Belton Jr., Denise Cheryl Grabowski, Cassandra Sue Hess and Marilyn Theresa Oliver on the failure to appear rap over the last couple of weeks.

Oliver proved to be three times dumb, as she was arrested on a shoplifting complaint at the Rite Aid drug store on Pine Avenue and also charged with that offense and bail jumping.

Oliver’s $29.56 drug store heist seems more like a cry for help than anything else, as the petite, Ninth Street woman’s troubles seem to have only just begun.



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OCT 08, 2013