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Maziarz, Ceretto are Named Friends to Farmers' Group

New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton traveled to the 62ndSenate
District to personally welcome State Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) into the Farm Bureau's "Circle of Friends."
Farmers at their trade, close to the land, understand the importance of human freedom.
The Farm Bureau can take credit for helping to promote not only farming but freedom principals.

Sen. George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) and Assemblyman John Ceretto (R-Lewiston) have been included on the list of the New York Farm Bureau’s annual “Circle of Friends.”

The New York Farm Bureau, headquartered in Albany, is a farm advocacy organization, financed and controlled by its 30,000 member families and is part of the federation of the American Farm Bureau.

Being named to the “Circle of Friends” is based on a legislator’s voting record on issues of agricultural importance, including sponsorship of bills that New York Farm Bureau has supported or opposed during the recent legislative session.

“Agriculture remains our state’s number one industry and we must make sure that is not forgotten in the halls of our government, “ Maziarz said. “I will continue to advocate for sound policies that support family farms, agriculture, agri-tourism, and related enterprises.”

According to the Bureau, there are approximately 35,000 farms in New York State and 99 percent are family owned.

The Farm Bureau's development of policy represents the position of the majority of its members.

The New York Farm Bureau supports gas drilling in New York and stated that fracking would expand farming businesses. New York produced a farm economy that generated $4.45 billion in 2008.

The American Farm Bureau Federation's official position is that “there is no generally agreed upon scientific assessment of the exact impact or extent of carbon emissions from human activities, their impact on past decades of warming or how they will affect future climate changes.”

The Farm Bureau is a staunch advocate of freedom principles, with stated principles such as, “America's unparalleled progress is based on freedom and dignity of the individual. Economic progress, cultural advancement, ethical and religious principles flourish best where people are free. Individual freedom and opportunity must not be sacrificed in a quest for guaranteed 'security' “. Property rights are among the human rights essential to the preservation of individual freedom. Each person has the responsibility to meet financial obligations incurred.”



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OCT 08, 2013