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Duffy Comes to Falls to Announce New $40 Million Development Pot

They take it (taxes) from the people, then give it back to certain people; in this way government controls the winners and losers; the people stupidly think the governor got them this money, from the sweat of his brow. Had he
cut taxes by a billion for this area, the people would be much farther ahead.

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, Mayor Paul Dyster, Sen. George Maziarz, Assemblyman John Ceretto, Niagara County Legislator Owen Steed, and other public officials leaped in front of cameras to announce a development competition for Niagara Falls, a competition where designers and developers can submit plans to compete for $40 million in corporate welfare money to try to turn downtown Niagara Falls from a ghost town into a world-class tourist destination.

As Ceretto noted, one of the major hindrances on Niagara Falls’ tourist economy is the limited tourist amenities to keep visitors here for extended stays.

The competition will be funded by $4 million per year from Niagara Falls casino funds matched by $4 million per year from the mammoth takings from taxpayers from around the state called the “Buffalo Billion,” some billion dollars of taxpayer money to be distributed by the governor as he picks the winners and losers over the next ten years, if he stays in office that long.

The key question that has yet to be answered in detail, of course, is who will the judges will be?

Who picks the winners, one suspects, will be just as interesting as who will be the winners of this political grab bag.



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OCT 08, 2013