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Driver Headed Into Lake Gets Beached, Thankfully

Hawk was driving this.
He tried to drive into this,
Sand stopped him from getting into this.
Actor's depiction of Hawk
Drunken Driver almost drove his Ford Ranger into Lake Ontario, Olcott, NY
The good folks at Olcott Beach tried to help Hawk, but Deputies intervened.

A Ford Ranger got stuck on the beach in Olcott last Thursday night.

Normally that would not be much of a story except for the fact that someone called the Niagara County Sheriff's Department.

The caller told a dispatcher of how a white pickup had driven into the parking area from Beach Street, then, in what might be described as bizarre, left the parking area and drove on the beach headed toward the lake.

Happily, because, in large part, Ford Rangers are not amphibious, the truck got stuck, along with its driver, Charles R. Hawk, 52, of West Main Street, midway between Lake Ontario and the street, where it was seen spinning its wheels in the sand.

Several people came to the scene and were trying to push Hawk's vehicle free when Niagara County deputies arrived. The deputies, whose training allowed them to realize that it's unusual for individuals to attempt to drive a Ford into a lake, made an investigation and soon discovered that Hawk had been consuming substantial quantities of libations.

Further investigation revealed that Hawk had also in his possession a quantity of the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only to alcohol and tobacco), one that has been used by nearly 100 million Americans.

Actually, it was a mixed night for Charles R. Hawk.

On the one hand, deputies issued him tickets for drunk driving and illegal possession of marijuana, and, because an earlier driving escapade of a not entirely dissimilar nature, one that was adjudicated by a local judge, and had placed certain restrictions as to when, where and why Hawk would be permitted to drive, even where he choose to drive soberly, Hawk was also charged with violating a restricted license.

On the other hand, as heavy tow truck equipment was called to extricate his Ranger from the grey, sandy beach, and Hawk was manacled and driven by courteous deputies to the Niagara County jail, he had the comfort of knowing he was not in Lake Ontario.

Hawk spent a comfortable evening in a warm, dry cell.

And if he were unhappy that his near watery midnight ride had come to an abrupt and ignominious conclusion, Hawk showed no sign of it in the morn, when, with his 6 a.m. wake up call, he began to batter for his breakfast, which, it turned out, consisted of cold cereal, fruit, milk and a cooked egg. If he had the munchies, it is hard to say that Hawk could have enjoyed his food any better, for it was reported he even licked his plate.



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OCT 08, 2013