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Shanty Town Now Long Gone

Holiday Shacks

Last three Holiday Market shacks sold

Shantytown is all but gone at the Niagara Falls DPW yard.

Those 25 shacks, that were once part of a glorious and spectacular failure, the idiotic boondoggle, costing $500,000 of taxpayer money, the Holiday Market, have been reduced now to a mere three shacks.

The 22 that went before them were sold for an average price of $200 each.

They cost taxpayers about $3,000 each.

The last three have been sold too, but the buyers have not come by to pick up their shacks.

For Mayor Paul Dyster, the Holiday Market was a giant success.

For Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti, the most ardent supporter of the lonely festival, who said she was "over the moon" about the project, the Holiday Market was a giant success.

For most everyone else it was a failure.

Now, with only three shacks left, anyone who wants one last nostalgic glance at what was once the vending booths of a market so devoid of customers that it was renamed Lonesome Town, they had better hurry to the DPW yard. The owners of the last three shacks, who paid about $150 each, are expected to pick them up this week.



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OCT 01, 2013