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Controversy Heats Up as Mailer Hits Zona; Does Claimed Videotape of Destino Exist?

By Frank Parlato

Royal Park Apartments
Most building do not have cameras.
Office for Royal Park Apartments have cameras.

The controversy between a Town of Niagara voter, Marie Nichols, and attorney Johnny Destino and Niagara County Legislator Jason Zona, both Democrats, is still playing out.

Last week, Zona's opponents sent out a mailer with a picture of Zona, wearing sunglasses, as a mock newspaper headline screams, "Zona Tied to Fraud."

Claims have also been made by Republicans that surveillance cameras at Nichols' apartment complex would prove Destino was at her apartment.

Destino said he was never at her apartment.

Marie Nichols lives in a second-floor unit at the Royal Park Apartments on Porter Road in the Town of Niagara. The complex, spread out over 24 acres, has 36 buildings, and, according to the Niagara County Assessor's office, has 411 apartments. It was built in 1974.

There are no visible security cameras on any of the 36 apartment buildings, including the ones that face Nichols' apartment.

There are four visible security cameras on the roof of the central office angled to monitor areas approaching the office. None of these could film the apartment where Nichols lives.

Several weeks ago, Nichols filed a criminal complaint with the Niagara County Sheriff's Department.

As of last week, Undersheriff Michael Fellicetti said that Nichols has declined to be interviewed by Sheriff's investigators.

"We're still looking at it," Fellicetti said. "It's stalled, but we're riding it out."



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OCT 01, 2013