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More Phone Calls, Less Recidivism

Studies have found a link between prisoners' contact with families back home and lower recidivism rates.

Some studies, as reported in such publications as the Western Criminology Review, suggest that when there is more communication, there is less recidivism which is good for society at large. High phone rates reduce an incarcerated person's ability to communicate with family.

Few can argue that a prisoner's contact with family and friends during incarceration not only helps the inmate, but is beneficial to society. There are more than two million children with at least one parent behind bars. Studies also show that those released are less likely to return to crime if they are able to maintain relationships with their loved ones while they are in prison.

Phone calls are "a crucial instrument for the incarcerated, and those who care about them, because voice calling is often the only communications option available. Most inmates along with their families and friends are low-income, so in-person visits due to distance and expense are infrequent," the FCC said in a prepared statement. "In addition, an estimated 2.7 million children would benefit from increased communication with an incarcerated parent."



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Nov 05, 2013