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Letters to the Editor

Experts Not Dealing Properly with Bed Bugs

I read your article on bed bugs and one point is flat out wrong: A British Columbia Doctor in Canada published a paper last YEAR in "Emerging infectious Diseases" clearly stating that not only was he TRACKING a strain of MRSA (Staph infection) through bed bug victims in Vancouver, but that they can spread it to other people because when you scratch the bites the germs/virus they leave on your skin enters your blood stream just like when you scratch from chicken pox etc.

The biggest problem is that pest control experts are not treating twice in 14 days and are not treating homes, apartments beside, above, and below the infested apartment as per health inspector’s orders. (not to mention they are supposed to seal the apartments first, before spraying at all, so the bed bugs have nowhere to run to.

Because of this, pest experts are treating each problem four and more times a year and the problem still spreads to other apartments, to which they get paid to spray over and over and over. They're making good money on this, and landlords are happy to try to blame the tenants and do half treatment because they don't live there.

I am well versed in this entire issue and am pursuing reprimands for a property management company.

I have posted informative videos in hopes of helping other people conquer the problem. I hope you help to make people aware and also I hope the government will take much more action.


Sincerely Sue.


How Much Business Will Glynn Lose to Hornblower

It is interesting to note that whenever the mainstream media has a column on the subject of the Maid of the Mist, a few of the staunch Glynn supporters regularly come out of the woodwork to provide overwhelming support on the forums for the Glynn family, continually verbalizing how Gov. Cuomo did the right thing with this Western New York "treasure" that must be saved at all costs and allowed to continue.

This is despite the shenanigans that have continued over the years with the questionable contracts on both sides of the border exposed by a long time investigation by this publication along with the enormous sums of money it has cost the taxpayer.

These same supporters of Glynn describe Hornblower as an interloper dead set on destroying Glynn and his business and in their minds, without support from the US side, they are doomed to failure. Of course, all this rhetoric totally ignores the facts that since at least two-thirds of the business has always originated from the Canadian side of the river, no one wants to answer the question that, when Hornblower commences operation in 2014 and, IF the Maid of the Mist still exists, how are they going to be able to survive with what will, in essence, be only ONE-THIRD of their original business?

Ron Warren

Mississauga, Ontario


I receive text alerts from NYS whenever a sex offender relocates in the area. Are you aware that a number of sex offenders are now living in a little house on Porter Road next to the back entrance to the Post Office? Most recently, a sexually violent offender named C--- W--- became a tenant. His crime was forcible rape on a 16 year old girl. Also housed there is K--- D---, who seems to favor teenage boys.

LaSalle is also starting to garner favor with the state sex offenders. A--- W---, who likes six year old girls, is living at 491-81st Street (a block from 79th St. School). He moved to 81st Street from the rundown house on Porter Rd. on August 15th. L--- S---, a Level 2 offender, is now living on 74th Street. T--- W--- is now a resident at Niagara Falls Blvd. Mr. W-, a sexually violent offender who molested little girls under the age of 13, is now living in an apartment building where unsuspecting families carry on their day to day lives. Nice, huh?

What the heck is wrong with the City of Niagara Falls? Is the pittance they get from the DOJ for housing these predators really that enticing? I'm so fed up with this crap.

Living among these convicted sex offenders has me seriously thinking about leaving the state.

Here's an idea. Why doesn't the State rehab the old Bell Aerospace facility and turn it into housing for these animals? It's close enough to the Blvd to be on a bus route, and far enough away from residential areas and -------schools!



A Level 2 Sex Offender sits on bench across from McDonalds on Pine Ave watching the kids in the mornings. During the series on Sex Offenders he stopped coming. He is back at the bench over the last couple of days.

Offender's name; K- H-




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Nov 05, 2013