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Desperate and Dateless or Please Find Me I Am Lost

I am a single white male (behind Christmas tree at left) who is slender, handsome, well dressed. I will be quizzing you, so if you don't know your stuff please don't respond. The first thing someone usually notices about me is that I'm prematurely graying. People also notice that I am tall and wear sweaters and sell tomatoes. Contact Rick DiGregorio, PO 3083,14304   Picture a well dressed man who is muscular, handsome with inky black hair, blue eyes, rugged with a perfect stubble and with good taste. When I had hair, it was really long and I used to sculpt it and highlight.For reasons, which I will tell you about when we meet, I have to live on the first floor. Contact Jim (Pictured at left), PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls, NY,14304
If you are reading this, you are a very lucky woman. I am an immaculate specimen of manhood with rippling muscles, a strong jawline, small forehead and good hair. I expect a recent video of you which must be in the WMV format. You must be free of all diseases. Contact Joe (above with arrow) PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls, NY, 14304.   Christian woman seeks Christian man who is sympathetic with woman who has mental illness and hears voices but is self controlled. Revolving doors. I hate going in them, but they conserve heat in office buildings so I guess that is good. I am depressed and eclectic. I'm a pretty straightforward girl who loves to sing. People are attracted to my chest but not my boobs. Contact Helga at PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls NY, 14304.
Widowed woman (middle between couple) seeking man. I am now a single mother raising three young boys who need a new father after theirs, unhappily, committed suicide. I'm good at driving. I also play drums and bass guitar. Contact Helena, PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls, NY, 14304.   Gorgeous pregnant girl looking for new boyfriend. Must be well built, well off and sincere. I love laughing, teaching, cooking, organizing, listening, advising, long hair and freckles. What I'm doing with my life lately is worshiping Satan for real just to see what happens. Contact Marianna; PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls, NY, 14304.




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Nov 05, 2013