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Desperate and Dateless

I'm Janet and I love the beach and suntans and I like dogs. Contact me.
My name is Wilma and I have been described as tall, I want to meet a good man. He must be over 7 feet tall. Thank you.
Hi. I'm Ricky. I sell tomatoes for a living. Like to fish and swim. Right now I'm broke and can't get credit. If you like fun contact me.
I'm Jason and I am pretty good at Photoshop. If interested send me a pic.
Hello. I'm new to this dating thing, I'm 31 years old and would like to meet a young woman about my age. I like romantic things like walks and movies, whispers and running fingers through hair. Contact Fred.
I hate phonies. Like to be authentic, real. I'm blond, Joe's the name.
My name is Henry and I seek a more intellectual person. I have dark hair and a fine moustache which fits my face. Child support and alimony has left me destitute. Like to meet woman with $.
Handsome, well-grounded, discreet male man looking for a partner. Don't want to loose out on life while it lasts. Last relationship was disrehensible. I like dares, connected with beer.



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Nov 26, 2013