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Kwik Klean Owner Joe Porto Shows Pathway of Success

By Moose, Jr.,

Joe Porto, owner of Kwik Klean Carpet and Air Duct Cleaners.
Kwik Klean's emergency service is available 24 x 7, should assistance be required at off peak hours, holidays and weekends.
A fleet of trucks that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

For the last 26 years, Joe Porto has owned Kwik Klean Carpet and Air Duct Cleaners in Niagara Falls.

After graduating high school, Joe entered Niagara Community College studying to become a Medical Technician, but Joe needed income.

His father suggested a part time job running a small carpet cleaning business. But Porto had no money to buy expensive equipment.

But Joe’s dad had a suggestion: Rent the equipment from supermarkets when he needed them, job by job.

Then go make fliers and hand them out door to door.

Raise yourself by your own bootstraps.

it worked. The business launched and it grew.

It wasn't long before Porto realized he now needed his own carpet cleaning equipment.

Instead of running over to city hall to get a taxpayer funded handout, he went to the Niagara County Savings Bank and got a loan.

This American Joe, of Italian ancestry, got a loan and bought his own equipment. Best of all, he paid back every penny from the money he made from his growing business, a business that grew because of his new equipment.

Kwik Klean grew. One of his best accounts, he recalls, was John’s Flaming Hearth. He cleaned those Pink Carpets for years.

Porto's father had also taught his son to put aside 10% of his earnings. This money you will someday need to expand your business, his father said.

Apropos of that, in 1986, Porto bought a cargo van and hired his first full time employee. Then, Joe bought a second truck and moved to his current location: 2384 Niagara Falls Blvd.

Next he expanded his services to include restoring ceramic tile to “like new”, flood restoration, and dryer vent and air duct cleaning.

Porto had observed that dirty carpets had dust, dirt and bacteria in them. His customers frequently told him that after he cleaned their carpets not only did the carpets look better, the house felt better.

But carpets are not the sole hiding place of dust.

The air ducts of your heating or cooling system are continually re-circulating whatever is in there, microbes, dust, mold, bacteria, fungi.

"The ducts themselves are an ideal breeding ground with it’s dark, dusty climate," Joe says," Your lungs can’t be cleaned out, but your ducts can."

Where Kwik Klean took it a step beyond the folks who merely tell you your ducts are dirty, Porto comes to the house and does a video inspection that you can see for yourself what you are breathing in every time the furnace kicks on. The inspection is free and there is no obligation to use his service.

"An unhealthy mixture of contaminated air getting a free ride to every part of your home or office each time the air blower is activated . No filter system can remove all the dirt and contaminates from the air you breathe," Porto said.

And should you decide to clean out the dust, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, mites, and other harmful allergens, Porto will. use his state of the art equipment, to go up and down every vent to their source, as well as the air handler components and furnace chambers, to suck, scrub, thoroughly clean and remove all contaminates and the fog with an anti-microbial, disinfectant-cleaner-fungicide-mile-virucide sanitizer and deodorizer.

Then, as you watch, he will make a second video to demonstrate the before and after look at what you are no longer inhaling in your home.

Many people’s dream is to win the Lottery.

Porto’s lottery was to work hard and operate his own business. He makes a good and honest living, for more than a quarter century, making thousands of people's homes cleaner and healthier. The harder he worked, the luckier he became, as the old adage goes.

Hard work and determination.

And good service.



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Nov 19, 2013