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Hamister Reaps Spoils of Hard Working Taxpayers

More than $2.75 million in state taxpayer money will go to a company owned by developer Mark Hamister, if the proposed Hamister hotel is built.

If the average taxpayer earns $20 per hour, then people in this state will work more than 137,000 hours so the city can have the benefit of Hamister having a hotel.

But suppose the people who expended the 137,000 hours it will take to give Hamister a subsidy kept their energy, their time and their money, and it was not taken from them by force. Suppose the 137,000 hours of the people's efforts did not go to one man, Mark Hamister. What benefits could have been created for the individuals and for society? Would it be better than a Hamister hotel?

Some people say that no working person should have to work for free to help Hamister.
Voters in Niagara Falls disagree.



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Nov 12, 2013