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Desperate and Dateless

If you are reading this, you are a lucky woman. I am a single white male who is slender, handsome, well dressed. I work weekends as a clown at kid's parties. I am romantic and an excellent juggler. A spectacular guy. If u wanna know ur gonna have to ask, lol. I love kissy lips. If the pic you send me leaves you unrecognizable
(sunglasses, distance etc), then I will not be happy. Contact Jeremy (pictured in middle behind the two
stupid looking guys). po box 3083, NF NY 14304.
Seeking a "manly man" who is compatible intellectually and spiritually. I am empathic, intuitive, peaceful, authentic, mindful, spirited, funny, outgoing and more. I intensely dislike children, so no one with children please and am allergic to cats. Dogs are too messy and dirty. I am just a fun loving person.
I joined this on a dare by my friends. Write me if you like driving, eating at restaurants and watching movies. I put up my worst pics purposely and do not write not much about me. I work 70+ hours a week and have no time for a relationship. I'm really good at decorating and shopping! I've been told that I look better in person than in pictures. Child support payments, and alimony has made me basically destitute. I love the beach. Except in the winter. My mom doesn't ever want me to move out of her basement. Just recently worn glasses. My glasses are important to me as they provide a framing device for my face. I like long wet kisses and jumping off the deck at the cottage.
I'm a easy going Asian woman looking to meet someone with similar interests. I know what I want and I won't settle for anything less. Are you up to being in love with me and having a onderful life? I like eating, having breakfast, having restful sleep, jumping on trampoline, smoking pot, knitting, painting.
I live with my brother Billy and he will have to live with us when we get married.
Contact Cindi, po box 3083, NF NY 14304



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Nov 12, 2013