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Shots Will be Heard Around New York State to Protest SAFE Act

At high noon, on January 11th, 2014, shots will ring out across NY State - by many guns in unison.

Modern day patriots in Concord, New York will fire a symbolic shot to protest the 1st anniversary of the NYS “Safe Act” passed in the dark of night.

This will be followed by other patriots throughout New York State firing symbolic shots.

At last estimate, 25,000 plus gun owners will fire a shot as a reminder to Governor Andrew Cuomo that they will not forget his passing of the NY SAFE Act, an unconstitutional gun law that directly violates the 2nd amendment.

All patriots are asked to fire in a legal, and safe manner.

Back in 1775, embattled farmers met at Concord Bridge to confront British regulars who had marched from Boston in the dark of night in order to seize their firearms.

There, they fired “The Shot Heard Round the World”.

The Springville Field and Stream Club, Springville, New York is asking all sportsman’s clubs in the state to spread the word about The Shot Heard throughout New York State. This is the club’s first project related to the repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

They are also asking that sportsman’s clubs e-mail the Springville Field and Stream Club with what they are doing to support this 2nd Amendment issue.

The club is also asking people to LIKE this event page to show their support and to go towww.facebook.com/SpringvilleFieldAndStreamInc/events for more information.

"We are not going away. We are continuing our fight to defeat this unconstitutional law," said Rus Thompson, a well known patriot and scholar of historical freedom principles from Grand Island, New York.

From Waterloo, Orleans, Erie, and Niagara counties, down to Olean and Jamestown gun owners are making plans for this event, Thompson said.

"We will not back down, we will not give up our rights," Thompson declared.



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Dec 31, 2013