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Dumb Realtors Caught on Surveillance Tapes

Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan

Wayne, NJ: Two New Jersey Realtors are being sued after hidden cameras caught them in a series of "sexual escapades" inside a client's house.

One of them, Robert Lindsay, a former president of the Passaic County Board of Realtors and a National Realtors ethics trainer, is accused of overpricing the home in order to reduce showings and to use it instead for a "play pad" with agent Jeannemarie Phelan.

Lindsay and Phelan, along with their brokerage firm, Coldwell Bankers LLC, are named in the lawsuit filed by Richard and Sandra Weiner in New Jersey Superior Court in Passaic County.

The plaintiffs claim breach of contract, negligence, infliction of emotional damage, invasion of privacy, trespass of land and other civil counts. Coldwell Banker terminated their association with Lindsay and Phelan when the allegations surfaced.

The Weiners listed the home with Lindsay in Dec. 2011 for $650,000. On Jan. 23, 2012, the lawsuit alleges, "Sandra Weiner happened to be checking the video cameras feed at the time and saw strange people in the house with what she thought were flashlights.... The Weiners called the local police.... The police opened the door to the house and found Lindsay pulling up his pants," the suit states.

Lindsay told police he was there to prepare the house for an open house.

The Weiners then checked older tapes. They found from Dec. 27, 2011, to Jan. 23, 2012, according to the lawsuit, that Lindsay and Phelan made 10 additional visits.

On Dec. 27, 2011, for example, security cameras caught Lindsay and Phelan, who "entered the master bedroom, undressed and proceeded to have sex on the Weiners’ bed," the suit states.

The Wieners claim their home was tainted by the gossip when word of their sexy house spread among other real estate agents, and the sale price of their home was far less than what Lindsay had predicted.

They also claimed, "they could no longer use the bedroom or the remainder of the house" and "were uncomfortable and disgusted even being in their house."

Lindsay, whose marketing slogan is "Energy and Experience," won sales awards that signify his annual sales were regularly in excess of $25 million, which would make his income around $600,000.

"I've sold more than 2,000 properties over the course of my career so there have been numerous interesting and sometimes funny experiences," Lindsay said in a 2011 interview.

Comments on the story have run from "disgusted" to "amused."

The realtor selling the house doesn't know about the security cameras? :-)

And here I thought 'putting a deposit on a property' referred to money!

They were just really excited about the listing.

They are taking a hands on approach to their job.

Position, position, position.

And here I just thought they were screwing the customers.

Realtors gone wild!!!!....

a ....sticky...situation.

Well at least the story has a HAPPY ENDING!

If you make love in a vacant home do the liquidated damages apply?

Uhmm yea sorry about the stains on the ceiling.


If these people had been grasshoppers or something, they could have just done it on a nice leaf somewhere and everyone would have been fine with it.

Did the house have an eat-in kitchen?



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Dec 31, 2013