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Desperate and Dateless

Are you for real? I'm Jane and looking for a guy who's serious, fun and careless. I enjoy the occasional raunchy dare. I can't stand snobby people who act all educated and impressionable. Smoking pot a plus but not a precursor.
Hi girls, my name's Flip. I'm 28 but everyone says I look like I'm 17. I'm looking for a soulmate and someone to have a casual relationship with. So message me.
Hello, Mr. Prince Charming, I'm Jesse. Just decided to try out the dating thing and see what would happen. I'- like being real and I hate plastic people. Been single for a while now. I've been used by men before and won't let anyone puncture my dreams anymore. Players and creeps no whey. Anyone else, please.
Hey, I'm Sally, I'm 26.. Looking for that guy that don't bring drama to the table. My 13 year old son, Nemo, is the light of my life.. I enjoy relaxing, hanging out by the pool, Facebook, and quiet nights with someone special. Last relationship was petrified. Don't want a man whose living in a dream world. Call me if you're serious. Here's looking at you squid.
Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn't have the guts! Lmao. Hi, I'm Willie, (on the left) 49, 5'11; I work as a legal aide's assistant. Not too long ago I was divorced from a long distance relationship I rarely saw and have subsequently decided to move on. I'm looking for a serious minded woman who doesn't trifle. Blonde is nice, but I also settle for redheads. Or any color. I have black hair myself, Please call me....Willie lol



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Nov 19, 2013