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State Parks: The Gift That Keeps on Taking

By James Hufnagel

“Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this creature is?- Fox, Coyote, Coydog, Dog, Chupacabra? On Niagara Parkway along Niagara River,” writes Jay Burney on his Facebook.

Corroboration of reports of dangerous Eastern coyotes in the area has been provided by Buffalo-based wildlife photographer Jajean Rose Burney, after an article detailing New York State Parks' love affair with the pet-killing predators appeared in the Nov. 26 issue of the Reporter.

The photographs were taken on November 30, 2013 near the power plant intakes above the falls.

In other State Parks news, with a holiday appeal in its December, 2013 online newsletter "ParkConnect", State Parks has taken chutzpah to an entirely new level.

It's not enough that State Parks generates huge revenues for Albany from the eight million tourists who drive into Niagara Falls State Park every year on the Moses parkway, fill state parking lots, ride Glynn's Maid of the Mist, feed on nauseating Delaware North "cuisine", purchase souvenirs at the Observation Tower, pet the coyotes and then leave without spending a dime in the city. Now State Parks is asking for your charitable donations.

Headlined "A Message from your family at State Parks", the pitch is as follows: "During this season of giving, we ask that you keep your favorite park or historic site in mind. State parks have provided wonderful memories to countless families, and your gift will help ensure that they remain safe and enjoyable now and for future generations. A donation also makes a wonderful tribute gift as it is a thoughtful remembrance of someone close to you."

Simply click on the handy "Make a Gift to Parks" link, and you are Christmas-spirited to the donation form. "Now you can help strengthen our state parks system by donating to your favorite parks and historic sites through the Natural Heritage Trust, the official charity of New York State Parks." Utilizing a pull-down menu, you can even designate which of over a hundred state parks you would target with your generosity, including Niagara Falls State Park.

So by all means, when sitting down this holiday season contemplating your year-end charitable donations, deciding which of the local food pantries and soup kitchens that feed hungry children to help support, the clothes closets, the walk-in clinics or women and children's shelters or other community organizations that work hard to alleviate the grinding poverty that is so pervasive here in the city of Niagara Falls, please, please, find it in your heart to donate to the state park of your choice.



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Dec 17, 2013