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Desperate and Dateless

If we get together I can assure you there will not be any negative per- cussions. I don't use fowl lan- guage. I am as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree. I have a dark and stormy disposition, mus- tache and eyebrows. Contact Philip.
I'm a man's man, though neither in the sense of being the kind of man women are drawn to and men want to be nor in the homosexual sense, rather, in the sense of being a highly efficient and well-compen- sated valet. Thad, aged 35
When one of those half-hearted gals just won't do. I'm kinda like the girl next store who for all inten- sive purposes has a good reputa- tion and all the gents who see me adore me . Yes, I am a beautiful woman. Both the outer person and the inner sole. I want a world wind romance. Judy, age 26,
My hair cascades evenly onto my shoulders in torrents - except at in- tervening occasions, when it is checked by a violent gust of air from a huge blower rattling along my blouse top, and fiercely agitating the scanty fabric that struggles against my implants. I'm Jane (In middle),
I like to kiss and when my tepid tongue explores your mouth like a confused gopher, the tip giving way to the dorsum, its length and breadth tempting my pharyngeal reflex as no tongue will ever tempt your pharyngeal reflex, it will be magic. My name is Irene. I know it's an old sounding name, That's me be- hind my granddaughter in the picture sitting on chair. Hit me up.
My long brunette hair flows over my shoulders like chocolate sauce on a bed of nachos and my white dress locks in curves better than a Ferrari at a Grand Prix. - Carla. That's a picture of me with my last husband.



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Nov 19, 2013