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"I'll Eat My Head" if South Junior Really Costs $26 Million to Build

The absurd proposal - because of the shocking price - to convert the old South Junior High School into 65 small apartments - at $400,000 per apartment, paid for by federal, state and local taxpayers (i.e. you) totaling $26 million, sounds so outrageous it looks fishy.

That’s $400,000 per apartment?

If these developers don't put $10--$15 million in their pockets, I'll eat my head.

But here is what South Junior Developer Ben Upshaw said at a public meeting about what the public is going to get for their $400,000-per-unit taxpayer-subsidized apartments.

“All apartments will have a modern appliance package which will consist of a refrigerator, stove, range as well as a microwave hood. We believe that the floors on the kitchen will be ceramic tile.

“Also, we’re contemplating in the bathroom ceramic tile on the floors as well as shower enclosures with a vanity, and throughout the apartment there will be a mixture of carpeting as well as oak floors. There will be oak finishes in the kitchen as well ... We believe that by offering a more modern alternative ... the project’s going to be successful. Another important feature is internet access ... as well as intercom access and security ... controlled access ... "

And all that for only $400,000!

You know what you could really build for $400,000? The answer: a mansion.

This sounds like a case where the developers are going to build mansions -- for themselves.

And plenty of cream left over to lick up between them.



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Dec 03, 2013