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Desperate and Dateless

(Culled from the vast resources of the internet)

Hello. I like girls. My favorite place to eat is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Contact Hal.
The beach is fun, having friends is fun, but sometimes you want just one special someone. They call me BB. That's my nickname and that's me waving in the water behind those girls. Write me and we'll hook up.
My name is Rose, 27, and I like to dance. Looking for the right guy to dance with.
Hi. I think I have a nice figure. I'm 18 but I know the facts of life. I love England, the beach and giving people the finger. Ken (me on left).
Hello. I'm Bosco. I like to think of myself as observant. A man who studies things. I'm 32, unemployed, but willing to work if the price is right. Contact me girls for fun.
People definitely notice me and say I have a healthy smile. I'm 28, young, vivacious, dark hair. Contact Benny (left of ridiculous girl).
Hi, I'm Anne Marie and I love to tan, sit by the pool and meet new people. I have no kids, am 28, never married, Live alone except for my dog, Kingston. Thanks.
My name is Janet, 51. That's me, to the right, playing in the sand. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi, We are Ralph (above) and Randy (below) and we are twin brothers. Would like to meet two sisters so we could get acquainted.
Hello ladies. It's me, Ken. A lot of girls think I'm a good looking Adonis. I also have a nice tongue. That's me on the left.
I have been called sort of attractive, though I don't like to show off. Guess you could say I look natural. Contact Larry (left, in car) for fun.



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Nov 19, 2013